Our brilliance is in our clients. Because we listen with vision and passion to the thoughts of our clients, our inspiration for unique solutions is fueled by their input and perspectives. They talk; we listen. Together we orchestrate events for life long learning and sustainable performance. This work speaks to the humanity in all of us and subsequent performances bring desired results. We are proud and pleased so many wonderful clients have trusted us over the years. To see who uses our service design, why they use our services and how it made a difference for their organization, click here.




           principal designer



                                JANET SCHATZMAN is a gifted designer,

art director and illustrator with deep and broad experience

in business processes and organizational development.

Combining clarity and vivid imagery to big- picture thinking

for communicating organizations' strategic directions, she

has over thirty years experience in visual communication.

change readiness, training & development, strategy,

communication, branding and in the non-profit sector.


Janet's experience spans a vast range from internal and

external brand strategy to communication, transformation,

leadership innovation, and product development in Technology,

Energy, Telecommunications, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing,

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Financial Services and Training.


Before founding Janet Schatzman & Associates, Janet

began applying her talent for visualizing and illustrating complex

concepts with the mentoring of Beverly Kaye of Career Systems

International. After working with change gurus Dennis Jaffe

and Cynthia Scott of Changeworks Global, a San Francisco

based change firm, Janet went on to found ICR, Inc (the Intersection

of Creativity and Results) and Parnassus Consulting, consulting

firms providing experiential strategic solutions.


With the  mentoring of leading edge thinkers Dr. Lawrence

Lyons and Marshall Goldsmith, Janet has been nurturing

Janet Schatzman & Associates since 2006, focusing on

service design, strategic visualization, and experiential solutions.

She has illustrated three books, art directed and illustrated

hundreds of service design projects and on-line experiences

including the conversion of intellectual capital and content to app's.